Beautiful Androgynous Mess That Was Hair Metal

I love hair metal. I love hair metal so much it burns, you guys. There’s just something so mythical behind the whole hair-spraying, tight-leather-pants-wearing, bare-chested, glitter-and-lipstick-wearing-but-also-hard-liquor-drinking-and-motorcycle-riding way of life that was hair metal (probably especially for those of us who were born after the fact, like me). My AP Government teacher once told me, “It was the androgyny that made it so attractive,” which is something most people deny and even look back on and laugh at in our present time, but I personally believe this is the truth. I now present to you some images that document:


The Beautiful, Androgynous Mess That Was Hair Metal


And my personal favorite photo…

Nearly all of the photographs used in this post were taken from fuck yeah hair metal!!!!, Hair Metal 101, or the “80s hair metal” Pinterest board.

Source: CVLT Nation