Binary Codes Gear Obsession Featured In New Gear Gods Video

New Jersey’s progressive metal artists, Binary Code, recently released their full-length album Moonsblood. As is obvious to any listener, Binary Code takes their instrumentation and gear very seriously. Today, the band conveys the serious (and not so serious) nature of their gear obsession via the “Rigged” video, hosted by Gear Gods. The video was filmed in the Randolph Performing Arts Center in Randolph, New Jersey and showcases the band’s full instrumental arsenal. Watch it below:

Guitar play-through videos for the Moonsblood album tracks “Immersion” and “Dark Meditations” can be seen below. The colour effects on each video were chosen to match the mood of each track.

Guitarist Jesse Zuretti states, “My guitar partner in crime, PJ Spilletti, and I both used our brand new Mayones guitars in the videos. I can tell you right now, playing our songs a bajillion times has never been so easy because of those guitars. These guitars are cheat codes to our playing. I’m using a Mayones Regius 7M with Bare Knuckle Pickups (Juggernauts), and PJ is using a Mayones Duvel Elite 7 with Seymour Duncan Sentient/Nazgul pickups.”

Regarding the unique visual effects on the videos, Zuretti adds, “We filmed the play-throughs for “Dark Meditations” and “Immersion” with Nick Kusworth, who also does great work for Heavy Blog is Heavy. He used some really cool techniques for “Dark Meditations”, using an actual prism for this cool kaleidoscopic effect. We picked some cool lighting effects; the colour gels we chose were picked for the mood of each song.”

Engineered and mixed by Eyal Levi (August Burns Red, The Contortionist, Monuments) at Audiohammer Studios and mastered by Alan Douches (Suicide Silence, Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge) at West West Side Music, the members of Binary Code poured everything they had into delivering an album that would ultimately be a game-changer. The band is set to release something heavy, melodic, and progressive, yet focused and tightly written.

Binary Code founder and guitarist Jesse Zuretti comments, “Moonsblood is a time capsule for Binary Code. Not only was the album written sporadically throughout the course of some of the hardest times I’ve personally had to endure, but also some of the most enlightening and positive moments of my life. The instrumentation perfectly conveys many of the instances of that period and instantly brings me back to those moments. It was amazing to see how everything fell into place with Oded (our singer) joining the band. It became clear in an instant that he was a missing element to the sound we evolved into.”

Singer Oded Weinstock adds, “Upon listening to the pre-production tracks for Moonsblood, I knew that joining Binary Code would mean that I would need to step up my game. The stretch of time between joining the band to laying down the vocal tracks for Moonsblood was a period of complete transformation for me. That spirit of self awakening and finding this path comes out almost intuitively in the lyrics, melodies, and sounds of this album.”

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“Trees 100ft Underwater”
“Dark Meditations”

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