Deathly Doom Crew Foehammer’s New Album Will Pound Your Sunday Into

Foehammer live / photo courtesy of Foehammer

Baltimore’s best-known to the metal community as the home of Maryland Deathfest, but any hesher worth their leather also knows that Charm City and its surrounding areaboasts a pretty damn impressive local scene. Case in point:Foehammer, a newly-minted trio who hail from a DC suburb and have summoned utter desolate hell on their new self-titled album.

It’s no secret that I’ve got a gaping soft spot for funeral doom, and Foehammer’s seismic pace and tension headache riffs fit right in there snugly. The album’s three songs are utterly devoidof European romance or keyboard-y flair, though; rather,abitter miasma also surges through their recordings, recalling the poisonous sludge of feedback-loving greats Noothgrush, Corrupted, and Burning Witch.

Foehammer is out April 7 on CD and digitally from Baltimore’s Grimoire Records , and will see a vinyl release onArlington, VA’s Australopithecus Records (preorder that shit here ). Tune in to the downtuned horror below:

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Source: Noisey