Decapitated Veins Musicvideo

The Skinny: Polish death metal masters Decapitated have released an official video for their new track “Veins.” The unique animated video was created by Polish based animator/concept artist ?ukasz Rusinek and depicts an apocalyptic universe featuring droids and feuding superpowers. ?ukasz commented on the video: “Animation is an area extremely time-consuming and the fact that I work alone only adds to the sad fact that, especially during complex productions such as the video for the song ‘Veins’ by Decapitated, my little ones await their father to come back home in the evenings in vain and my newlywed wife withers at the window longing to see me. Despite these minor inconveniences, I do not complain because I love to combine sound with vision. On most occasions I prepare scripts myself. And so it was this time. I came up with a short story with the apocalypse in the background, set in a slightly imaginary universe in which droids fight on battlefields instead of humans, intelligence cells of feuding superpowers plot their rise to power, and the relics of the Cold War keep waiting for someone to finally press that ‘damn button’. Enjoy.”

Source: Pure Grain Audio