Dive Into A Cartoon From The Sixties with Hooton Tennis Club’s

Y’all remember Hanna Barbera cartoons right? They’re the team behind Yogi Bear, The Smurfs, and Tom and Jerry. Maybe you remember them from Wacky Races. Or perhaps you’ve seen Scooby Doo. Because we’ve all seen Scooby Doo right? I can’t imagine there are children out there right now who don’t get to watch a camp jock, a stoner, a nerd, a trust fun kid and a talking dog take on various bank robbers, murderers, and generally bad people each afternoon after school. That shit was wild!

As we all know, whether you’ve seen one of the above shows, or you’ve seen one of their even older cartoons from the 60s, Hanna Barbera are an old-time cultural staple. Now they’ve inspired the latest video from Hooton Tennis Club for track “P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L P.I.E.R.R.E” – which is fitting, because its alphabetized chorus sounds exactly like the theme song from a cartoon you would watch while enjoying cereal on a Saturday morning on getting loaded on party rings before doing your homework. In true Hooton Tennis Club style, the track also draws from the aural past too, with a distinct sound that’ll tickle the tastebuds of any Teenage Fanclub fans in the house. Watch above. Read the credits (bless those directors with thanks!) and check out the band’s tour dates below:

Conceived, animated and directed by: Alden Volney

Production Company: Riff Raff Films

Executive Producer: Matthew Fone


5th Larmer Tree Gardens End of the Road Festival

6th Portmerion Festival No.6

12th London On Blackheath Festival


19th Bristol Louisiana

20th Guildford Boiler Room

21st Bedford Esquires

22nd Stoke Sugarmill

23rd Newcastle Think Tank

24th Nottingham Chameleon

25th Tunbridge Wells Forum

26th Southampton Joiners

27th Brighton Green Door

28th Birmingham Hare & Hounds

29th London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

30th Manchester Soup Kitchen

31st Glasgow The Glad Café

Source: Noisey