Ed’s Shed: Some Crazy Stories From My Repairshop Days

Posted 09/16/2015 at 10:23am

Crazy Repair-Shop Tales



I’ve seen some pretty weird stuff in my 20 years as a guitar-repair guy …

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I thought I’d use this week’s post to tell you about some silly episodes that prove that we don’t all know what we’re doing.

I worked in a music store in Glasgow, Scotland, for almost 20 years. Anyone who has ever worked in that kind of environment will tell you they’ve seen some pretty weird stuff. Factor in that I was the guitar-repair guy, and the potential for weirdness rockets into the stratosphere.

Here’s exhibit A to kick things off:

There was the young guy with a silver-sparkle Charvel—a Model 375, if I remember correctly. Anyway, bored with his guitar’s finish, he decides to strip it off. He dips the guitar in a vat of paint stripper before thinking, “Oh, maybe I should have taken the hardware and pickups off first.”

By the time I saw it, all of the guitar’s plastic bits had melted and the black hardware was way past its best.

B. Fella brings in a guitar he’s put together himself. It looks good. He tells me he’s wired up all the components correctly but the guitar doesn’t work. I take a look inside the control cavity and all the wires and capacitors are indeed connected in the right places … with Plasticine modeling clay and sticky tape. There’s not a drop of solder in sight.

Source: Guitar World