Flannel Mouth Release New Single Featuring Guest Vocalist Benny

The straw that broke the camel’s back, the final piece to The Prisoner’s Cinema anticipation puzzle, “The Showdown in the Courtroom,” is the last single to drop before Flannel Mouth unleashes their debut full-length to the world!

In this fast-paced track, reminiscent of producer Michael Abiuso’s former band, The Venetia Fair, the four-piece from Peoria, Illinois channeled their inner action-movie score to tell the chapter of The Prisoner’s Cinema in which The Prisoner seizes his opportunity to silence the maniacal, pompous Mr. Black once and for all. “The Showdown in the Courtroom” musically weaves from quick-thinking intimidation, as told in the opening lyrics, “Mr. Black, you’re praying for rain, but the storm is coming too fast,” to Mr. Black’s snarky rebuttal, “You think the love you had was real?” to The Prisoner’s exciting and powerful narration of his murderous actions, “The guards start, but I move too quick, and as your brain shuts down, your body throws a fit.” In just under three minutes, yet another victim falls prey to The Prisoner in this bloody epic.

The allusion to The Venetia Fair is especially fitting, given that Flannel Mouth enlisted the help of singer Benny Santoro to play the part of Mr. Black. “He tried to convince us that his voice wasn’t big enough,” remarked drummer Tyler Owen, but we’ve been fans of his since The Circus [The Venetia Fair’s 2009 album], so we knew he’d nail that part.” Vocalist/songwriter, Luke Myers, continues, “The part wasn’t exactly written with him in mind, but when the opportunity was there, we knew he had to [appear on the song].”

Santoro also appears (as Mr. Black) on “Pleading Insane,” the sixth track on The Prisoner’s Cinema, and is one of three guest vocalists on the record. Track eight, “Dead Man Walking,” features John Clark of Event Horizon, and Lexxii Leigh of Peoria locality.

Fans can pre-order The Prisoner’s Cinema on iTunes and the band’s BigCartel, both of which come with a download of “The Dark Ages” for free.

The Prisoner’s Cinema Track Listing:
1. You’ve Convinced Me
2. The Dark Ages
3. Rapunzel, Rapunzel
4. Hello, Gorgeous
5. Falling Asleep
6. Pleading Insane
7. La Deuxième Partie
8. Dead Man Walking
9. The Preacher’s Daughter
10. Walk It Off
11. The Honorable Mr. Black
12. The Showdown in the Courtroom
13. R.A.R.
14. The Prisoner’s Cinema

Source: New Noise Magazine