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It feels like it’s been a while since there’s been a quality show I’ve wanted to go to in Denver, so when Such Gold, Finding Common Ground, Allout Helter, Anterrior, and GUTS were playing at the Marquis Theater in Denver, it seemed like the place to be for the night. I definitely was not disappointed by anything that night – the line up and turn out made it worth going out on a Monday.


Opening up the evening were Denver sweethearts GUTS, one of my person favorite local acts. These guys are still a relatively new three piece, but have really worked on getting themselves out there and making great music. They’re three very talented young dudes, and always put on a great show. They’re always impressing me with how great they are, and keep turning out rad new tunes (and original covers).


Anterrior played second, and joined a growing list of bands I’d never heard of from Denver, but who have been around for a few years. This Denver four-piece impressed with their hard hitting style (some may call it post-punk) and their presence on stage. I was glad these guys landed on the bill, so I can close the gap of bands I don’t know about in my city. Definitely give them a listen!

Allout Helter took the middle slot for the night, joining their label mates on Bird Attack Records in Such Gold for the evening. They’ve been in the process of recording a new full length record for the last few days, and it was great to hear some of the new songs they’ve been working on. Allout Helter is definitely a band that’s worth checking out when given the opportunity, as their energy, insane riffs, and hard-hitting lyrics make this band truly one to watch.

Fourth up for the night was Finding Common Ground, actually a band I’d heard of, but never had the chance to see before. One of the members, Mackenzie, is now also the singer in the Larimers, so if he looks familiar, that’s why! I really enjoyed the band, and although they were a little less on the “hard” side as compared to the three openers, they still found their place among the lineup for the evening. It was a great set to be introduced to them through, and I look forward to seeing them play again soon!

Finally, Such Gold took the stage. Although the Marquis was pretty packed (especially for a Monday) all throughout the show, the crowd really came in when they took the stage. The four piece from Rochester, NY are on the tail end of an almost month long tour, and their sound was absolutely solid from all of those nights of playing! The crowd was definitely into the action, and even attempted to get a little rowdy now and again. They played a solid set to an excited crowd, and what more could you ask for on a Monday night?

Overall, it was a great show, and a great way to play with my new camera equipment.

* all images by Jackie Wilding

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