Ghost B.C. Will Not Be Ghost B.C. Anymore

A few years ago, Ghost changed their name to Ghost B.C . in America, due to legal issues during the release of their 2013 albumInfestissumam andeven though no one really cared about using the suffix when referring to the band,it was still there.The assumption was that probably there was a lawsuit regarding the use of the name “Ghost” which is usually the reason why bands add those suffix to their bands but during an interview with Loudwire , one of the Nameless Ghouls finally explained the reason behind the change and some good news:

Basically it was their label, Loma Vista, trying to cover their rears in case of a lawsuit for the use of the extremely common word but there was no need to do that so now, the band can go back to be simply Ghost. Their latest albumMeliorais set to be released on August 21st.

Source: MetalInsider