Greek Death Doomers Immensity Release Album The Isolation Splendour

“The Isolation Splendour” will be released via Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions on March 21, 2016. Listen to the first single entitled “Irradiance (For The Unlight)

Immensity - The Isolation Splendour

Greek Death Doomers IMMENSITY’s album “The Isolation Splendour” has a way of filling every second of their offering with loads of dark atmosphere and heavy passages. Whether it is by the use of keyboards, clean vocals, or slow, depressing riffs, they create. “The Isolation Splendour” is truly something very well crafted, something that all Death Doom fans will know as IMMENSITY.

“The Isolation Splendour” features five brand new lengthy tracks with a runtime of around 48 minutes, and includes two tracks from their “The Lonely Aquarelle” demo as bonus, so that the entire band discography will be included. In total, the runtime is approximately 68 minutes, so expect a comprehensive slab of atmospheric and melodic Death Doom that will appeal to fans of old school and traditional Death Doom. In the vein of My Dying Bride, and early-Paradise Lost as well as The Gathering, Novembers Doom, Daylight Dies, and Ahab.

Immensity – The Isolation Splendour

Track List
I – Heartfelt LIke Dying
2 – Irradiance (For the Unlight)
3 – The Isolation Splendour
4 – The Sullen
5 – Everlasting Punishment
6 – Eradicate (The Pain of Remembrance)*
7 – Adornment

Leonidas Hatzimihalis – Vocals
Andreas Kelekis – Guitars, Synth
Chris Markopoulos – Guitar
George Kritharis – Bass
Yiannis Filippaios – Drums
Chrisa Kourenta – Keyboards, Synth

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