Hammer of The Witches Cradle of Filth

It’s a wonder Dani Filth has any tissue left in his esophagus. If any one person aurally represents Nuclear Blast Records, it’s this guy, who’s a vocal detonation with his elongated screeches peeled at will. For his abusive throat inflictions, Dani and CRADLE OF FILTH remain one of the finest extreme metal bands on the planet. Leave it to debate whether or not CRADLE OF FILTH is still a black metal band or not, given their “Vestal Masturbation” t-shirt or Dani Filth sporting a crown of thorns intermittently within the band’s new video for “Right Wing of the Garden Triptych”. Whatever you want to call them at this point (Dani will smarmily tell you it’s “heavy funk”), Dani and the band will push buttons if there are any to be pushed. Consider the appearance of kinbaku bondage artist Gestalta within the “Triptych” video and the fleshly Baroque cover art by Arthur Berzinsh on the band’s eleventh album, “Hammer of the Witches”.

Source: blabbermouth