Huntress Singer Still The Singer of Huntress

Well, this is getting awkward. Just hours after Huntress vocalist Jill Janussays, “ Fuck the meaningless noise and trolls ” on social media and says thatband is done, the rest of the bandresponds via Facebook and says they’re still together .

So now Janus has postedyet another update :

Janus has been very open about her mental health issues, and Huntress guitarist Blake Meahlblamed their singer’s“bouts with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and disassociative identity disorder” for the recent drama. Hopefully things are getting settled down for the Huntress camp, as the band is slated to tour again inDecember with Black Label Society. As the tragic death of Justin Lowe proved earlier this year, mental illness needs tobe taken seriously.

Source: MetalInsider