Lords of Distortion Release EP ‘Rock Fight’

Denver Based Lords of Distortion focuse on writing songs that people want to sing, and hooks they can’t help but remember all while paying tribute to our roots in the hard rock and metal genre that has treated us so well in the past.

Track Listing:
1. White Line Fever
2. Lords of Distortion
3. Rock Fight
4. Lies
5. Son Of Mine
6. Enough Said

Mixed and Mastered by Paul Winger – 2015

Hard Rock / Metal

You will find a bit of everything in what we do, and most certainly you will find a song that will connect with your mind and in your soul.

Line Up:

Nate Winger – Drums, Lead Vocals
Mike Learn – Guitars, Vocals
Jeff Sekera – Bass, Vocals



Stay tuned for our debut album that is in the works right now.

Source: Screaming Guitars WordPress