Melbournes Inverloch Announce Distance Collapsed Album; Title

Melbourne, Australia’s Inverloch, featuring half of the legendary Disembowelment, has announced their first-ever full-length release. In 2012, Inverloch unleashed their debut EP Dusk | Subside, an epic offering featuring slow atmospherics mixed with bursts of pounding blast beats that erupt out of tranquil soundscapes, following the sound that Disembowelment first trademarked in the early ‘90s.   Now Inverloch is set to return this March with their Distance | Collapsed full-length debut. With the five-track Distance | Collapsed, the band has crafted another masterpiece boasting forty minutes of absolutely crushing death/doom. Buzzsaw death metal riffs and bowel splitting vocals mix alongside earth shaking dirges and blasting percussion, all wrapped together in a haunting yet beautifully dreadful atmosphere. With Distance | Collapsed, Inverloch proves they are one of the finest bands making extreme music today.


“Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)” “From The Eventide Pool” “Lucid Delirium” “The Empyrean Torment” “Cataclysm Of Lacuna”

“Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)”:

Distance | Collapsed will see worldwide release through Relapse on CD/LP/digitally on March 4. Digital preorders are available via Bandcamp while physical preorders can be found at Relapse Mailorder.

(Photo by: Doug Donaldson)

Source: Bravewords