Montrose Wabos Band To Celebrate Sammy Hagar

On Saturday, November 26, the brand new Montrose-Wabos Band will hold a one-time only concert at Annie O’s in Santa Rosa featuring Keith St. John, former lead singer of Montrose and lead singer of Burning Rain, along with members of Sammy Hagar’s Wabos including: Mona Gnader, Vic Johnson and Dave Lauser.

The concert will feature a rock feast of Montrose tunes such as “Rock Candy” and “Bad Motor Scooter” and vintage Sammy Hagar songs.

Keith St. John of Los Angeles performed with the late Ronnie Montrose for 13 years and is the only Montrose singer publicly endorsed by Sammy Hagar to represent the early Montrose music. St. John, originally from New York, began writing with Ronnie Montrose in the late ’90s and soon became the voice of the band. He has continued to keep the Montrose legacy alive through major shows such as Ronnie Montrose Remembered at NAMM in 2015. This special holiday show continues that tradition.

“The Montrose-Wabos Band will also perform early fan favorites from Hagar’s solo catalog,” says St. John, teasing that which ones will be a surprise. “Playing alongside Mona, Dave and Vic, who have performed several of the classic Montrose tunes with Sammy thousands of times is a real treat because this rare lineup knows how to throw down these Montrose jams authentically,” he adds. “This is a rock show that will appeal to Redheads (fans of Hagar), Montrose fans and all hard rock and metal fans.”

Hagar’s band affectionately known as the Wabos formed in 1997. After Hagar left Van Halen he recruited his long-time friend drummer Lauser to be part of his new band. “The pair have a long musical history together,” Lauser points out. Having met in 1968 they performed in two bands before Hagar hooked up with Montrose. In 1980, Lauser reunited with Hagar to record the whole Geffen catalog, including Hagar’s signature song “I Can’t Drive 55”. Known by the fans as Bros. Dave, the Wabos grew with the addition of female bassist Gnader.

“Mona drove up on her bike with a bass strapped on her back and blew us all away,” recalls Hagar of her addition. Then all the Wabos needed was the Van Halen guitar and there entered Vic Johnson, who still lives in Marin County. Gnader currently resides in Willits.

“Fans are coming from all over the nation for this show to indeed ‘Rock The Nation’,” says St. John. The show represents a reunion of Johnson, Gnader and Lauser on stage.

The show also includes Sonoma County favorites Sweet Addiction and Union Jack and the Rippers.

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Source: BraveWords – News