Moscow Noir Preshow Rituals

In this Preshow Rituals segment, Lesther Gutierrez of the electronic band, Moscow Noir, shares what he does before every show. You can check out his rituals, after the break.


A typical routine for me starts in the morning. I always start off with a run through the park. Clear my head and soak in what surrounds me. Gearing up to the show with rehearsals and sound experimentation I can completely get lost in the process that I tend to forget to just stop and appreciate the moment. So simple yet so important That first-morning run gives me that.

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When I get back I sit in front of my computer screen and for about thirty minutes I create a sort of visual representation of the show. It’s sort of a brief exercise. I visualize the show and I begin to bring abstract pieces, line work, shapes that bring to life the colors the mood, energy, what I want it to give off. What I want the crowd to see and most importantly feel. This process brings home a very important part of Moscow noir. The visual aspect of it. The abstract of it. The art of it. It’s nothing really crazy or detailed but it allows me to sort of start shaping and taking control what I feel the show will be. In a weird way, it sorta makes it tangible and reminds me what Moscow noir is about.

As my day continues I stay away from touching the guitar or any instrument or even listen to any of our songs. To sorta just reset my ears for the day. The day is more about doing things that nurture the smaller things about us, a sort of grounding, re-aligning yourself kinda thing. It’s so necessary to feel at ease with yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally. It comes out in your performance and in the show.

After sound check we all go to the nearest bar and have a few drinks, loosen up get the camaraderie going between the band mates, it’s really about being in a comfortable and fun place. After all, we do this because we love music and we love playing. We recreate the days where we’d hit a bar and have a jam session after. We remind ourselves of that and at that point were ready to take the stage.

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Source: Digital Tour Bus