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In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the pop band, PUBLIC, talk about some of their crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

The Fooo Conspiracy – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

A “crazy” tour story we have isn’t really crazy as much as it was just super cool and unexpected. So we were out in LA for the first time recording with one of our favorite producers and we got a call to hop on tour with a band called “ Oh Honey” directly after we were done with our sessions. So the whole thing was pretty spur of the moment right from the get go.


While on this tour we met a lot of artists who are now our good friends, playing a lot of new venues visiting places we had just never seen before. But one night, in particular, we were playing a sold out show at the basement of Webster Hall and the energy was really high. During our time on the road, we had also started exploring a lot of music and bands that were similar to us (that we would love to eventually tour with/support). One of those bands was “New Politics” – a punky, alternative rock band from Copenhagen that had started to gain some awesome traction in that past few years.

So we played the show – it was a blast, everything went as planned and then it was on to the after party. This was Oh Honey’s hometown so after the show, there was a giant storm of socializing, congratulating and some dancing. When most people had finally cleared out of the venue, who should come strolling in but David Boyd – the lead singer of “New Politics” along with his girlfriend who is one of the stars of “The Walking Dead” (and also played “Suzy Crabgrass” on Ned’s Declassified – a show we watched as kids). Needless to say, we were super excited to meet the both of them and we ended up having a lot of fun bouncing around NY for the night. So much fun in fact that we didn’t make it back to our Van until about 4am the next morning. We’ll never forget that night and the world of possibilities that open up when you’re on tour. You never know who you might end up hanging with!

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Source: Digital Tour Bus