Rising Anger of Fights and Lights EP Details Revealed

Rising Anger have revealed the cover artwork and tracklistiing for their new EP, Of Fights And Lights.

The artwork for the upcoming release apears very oppressive and confining at first. The colours are chosen to be very dull and grey and consequential spreads an autumn like feeling. There is a branch with thorns growing out of a bole to be seen in the artwork. The thorns, which are highlighted through extreme depth of focus in the central point of the image are drawing the viewers attention. However the blurred areas behind are shining bright. It is not to be seen what lies behind this obstacle, solely the bright light is visible. As an observer, you absolutely want to leave the thorns behind and get to know what is waiting behind. The back and forth, the overcoming of obstacles, the contrast among the ups and downs in life is a very big topic on Of Fights And Lights.

As already chosen on the debut album Mindfinder, the cover is mirroring the main message of all lyrics on this record. The picture stems from David Marx and the artwork has been, as already for Mindfinder, created by Nina Gänsler.

Of Fights And Lights will be released on February 12th via Bastardized Recordings.


“Golden Watch” “The Great White Wall” “Most Demanded Dream” “Interlude” “Washed Out”

(Photo – Nina Gänsler)

Source: Bravewords