Snow Burial Chicago Post Metal Trio To Release Victory


Chicago-based post-metal trio, SNOW BURIAL, will self-release their debut full-length, Victory In Ruin, February 1st, 2016. Captured at Howl Street Studio in Milwaukee with engineer/owner Shane Hochstetler (Call Me Lightning, Zebras, Multiple Truths), over the course of eight racks, SNOW BURIAL manifests a punishing yet beautiful amalgam of sludge, thrash, shoegaze and math rock; a lush palette of melody and grit, running through the imagined wastelands.

Check out opening track, “Buried In Ash,” now playing at the official SNOW BURIAL BandCamp page at THIS LOCATION.

Victory In Ruin Track Listing:

Forged in late 2012 at a Shiner reunion show, SNOW BURIAL — featuring within its ranks former members of Hoss, Canyon, Doctor This Virus Is Silence — is a dynamic, post-metal collective dedicated to crafting aggressive, emotive and technical music. The band ;self-financed and released two EPs entitled ;Oxblood Siren ;and Oxblood Tides ;in 2014 while delving deep into the heart of the Windy City’s music scene sharing bills with the likes of War Brides, The Swan King and An Aesthetic Anaesthetic. Over the next year, SNOW BURIAL honed their skills and sound through multiple Midwest tours playing alongside the likes of The Gorge, Zebras and Northless.

SNOW BURIAL draws from a variety of influences, most notably the Melvins, Converge, and Cult Of Luna, to create their own unique voice and tone; a dark but colorful soundscape born by a progressive and fearless trio of musicians.

Victory In Ruin will be released on CD, digitally and 150-gram vinyl. For preorders go to THIS LOCATION.

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Source: Earsplit Compound