Someones Made A Festive My Chemical Romance and

If you walk through your local shopping centre right now, you can feel it in the air. You can see it everywhere you look. That’s right. It’s the beginning of four weeks of unbridled Christmas anxiety.

At the time of posting, we’ve consulted our partially scoffed advent calendars – sorry, we couldn’t wait – and worked out there’s 26 sleeps until December 25. That means those who celebrate Christmas have 25 days to procrastinate over buying gifts for their loved ones before leaving everything to the last minute. You know, that panicked dash to the local petrol station once you’ve discovered the shops shut that little bit earlier on Christmas Eve for some reason.

Don’t knock it, your aunt seemed thrilled with that small canister of diesel, Feu Orange dangly smelly thing and that dark chocolate Kit-Kat.

What we need right now is something to get us into the festive spirit. We’ve heard Wizzard and Slade‘s Christmas hits a few times already this year and to be honest, we’re hankering after something new. Something that doesn’t make us want to punch our own ears to mince.

Even though My Chemical Romance covered Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You in 2004, that didn’t stop one YouTuber called Maddy from smooshing their Welcome To The Black Parade into the Carey original. While some mashups are work as much as a paper bath, this one hits that sweet, sweet spot.

Remember, don’t leave your Christmas shopping too late this year. No-one wants to do it by pointing through a petrol station window and shouting ‘No, not that’ into the intercom.


Source: Metal Hammer

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