Soundtrack Project Realms of Odoric Release Clash At Ankrath

Realms Of Odoric is a soundtrack project from well known graphic artist Kris Verwimp (Hammer Horde, Manegarm, Hordak, Suidakra, Arkona) and musician Arkadius Antonik (Suidakra, Fall Of Carthage), where they combine their creativity in a concept of a huge fantasy world. Arkadius, as a big fan of movies and soundtracks want to do much more with his ideas about sounds and compositing as just a few intros for Suidakra.

Kris Verwimp, as the illustrator of the Odoric, The Wall Of Doom Graphic Novel in 1996, was still fascinated about the story behind Odoric all these years. Now they meet together to dress their passion in an acoustic garment.

Kris says: “Ever since the release of Odoric “The Wall Of Doom” back in 1996, most of my free time has been absorbed entirely by painting CD covers for Metal bands. But all that time Odoric kept wandering in the back of my head, yearning to return one day. My idea was to combine my two passions: illustration and music by creating a soundtrack for the next Odoric comic with the help of various metal musicians. I had almost given up on Odoric entirely when I learned about the soundtrack compositions of Arkadius Antonik of Suidakra. I was absolutely amazed and inspired by his tracks and after having worked with Suidakra for more than a decade and even writing their concept stories and lyrics for the last three albums, I got the idea that this could be the ideal opportunity to bring back the Odoric soundtrack project.“

MDD Records present the result in a strongly limited edition as CD with an 28 side A5 size artwork booklet. Realms Of Odoric is no less than a monumental project with a impressive story behind a fascinating world packed in an imposing wall of majestic sounds.

Have a look on the official video for the opening track, “Clash At Ankrath“ below:

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Source: Bravewords