Spector Share 360 Degree Video for Tenner

Spector have unveiled a fancy, snazzy-as-it-gets 360 degree video for ‘Tenner’.

The new track follows on from last year’s ‘Moth Boys’ album, and an accompanying video finds Fred Macpherson and co. surrounded by loads of mates, including a choir and a keyboard cameo from Swim Deep’s James Balmont.

There’s a lot going on (too much to handle in one viewing, given you’re forced to spin the 360 camera around – well, it’s not obligatory, but you might as well), but try and pursue with a few plays.

We’d recommend you just focus on Balmont, sporting an all-white jumper and jeans combo, jigging away to his own mind-blowing synth lines. You could make some sensational gifs out of these moves. We’re sensing another ‘Hotline Bling’ moment, actually.

Check out the new track below.

Source: DIY Mag