Spirit Adrifts Psychic Tide Video is A Stark Look At The Psychedelic

If you haven’t yet checked out Spirit Adrift, the new doom project by Gatecreeper and ex-Take Over And Destroy guitarist Nate Garrett, then I urge you to go do so right now. Their new album, Chained To Oblivion, is a soaring, ecclesiastical lament, filled with battering riffs and tangible anguish. If you dug Khemmis but like things a little darker, this album will hit the nail on the head.

The video for the album’s first song, “Psychic Tide,” runs with that idea. Sure, it’s about doing acid and tarot cards, but it portrays all of this as a jarring assault on the senses. There’s a lot more MKUltra here than Summer of ’69, with mind-altering drugs and psychic phenomena opening third eyes that maybe should have stayed closed to see the world as a less than auspicious place.

Take those sugar cubes you’ve been keeping in the freezer and watch “Psychic Tide” below. Spirit Adrift’s Chained To Oblivion is out now on Prosthetic Records.

Source: Metal Sucks