Splashh Return with New Track Rings Ahead of

Aussie-via-London indie ragtags Splashh have been away for that scientific term of ‘bloody ages’. They released debut ‘Comfort’ way back in 2013they were in our own ‘Class of 2013’ too, fans of facts – and bar a one-off single in 2015, have been relatively quiet since.

It’s time to rejoice, though, as they’ve announced their formal return, with a second album titled ‘Waiting A Lifetime’ set for release early next year, and track ‘Rings’ out RIGHT NOW.

They told The Fader “The song is a battle between making the right and wrong decisions. It sounds and feels chaotic like life does sometimes and coming to terms with growing older.” OK boys.

Splashh play Moth Club on 7th November.

Listen below.

Source: DIY Mag