Suicidal Angels Division of Blood Album Tracklisting Revealed

The new album from Greek thrash metal tank, Suicidal Angels, will be titled Division Of Blood. The follow-up to their 2014 album, Divide And Conquer, will be released on May 27th via NoiseArt Records.

Recorded in Sound Lodge in Germany, Nick Melissourgos and producer Jörg Uken arranged a sound that gives Suicidal Angels’ energetic art the fitting, powerful clothing it deserves. Division of Blood will not only make your stereo raise the roof, but it will also bring several Open Airs and clubs to a boil.

The cover artwork was created by acclaimed artist Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Municipal Waste).


“Capital Of War”
“Division Of Blood”
“Eternally To Suffer”
“Image Of The Serpent”
“Set The Cities On Fire”
“Bullet In A Chamber”
“Cold Blood Murder”
“Of Thy Shall Bring The Light”

The band states: “Against the odds of the times (that we live), against gods, masters and slaves, the Division Of Blood marches on and kills! Another incredible piece of art from Mr. Repka, follows our official 6th studio album. The banners of the Moshing Crew raise high and the legions are ready to unleash all the passion and the flame. Join the forces to clear the path, one is the way, no side loss just wrath!”

More information coming soon, stay tuned.

Source: Bravewords