Toothgrinder Trade ‘Diamonds for Gold’ with Periphery’s Spencer

What I dig most about “Diamonds for Gold,” the latest song from New Jersey death-grind-thrashers Toothgrinder, is that it’s completely different from the previous two songs they released, “The House (That Fear Built)” and “Lace & Anchor.” It’s not even death, grind or thrash at all — it almost borders on hard rock, with a mid-paced, brooding riff and a hooky, clean-sung chorus. Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo sings the second verse for a little added variety. If anything, it all kinda reminds me of Deftones, and these three songs together intimate that Nocturnal Masquerade is going to be a very interesting record indeed.

The band is embracing their newfound sonic expansion, saying in a statement:

Source: Metal Sucks