Video for Eight Days New Single Unclear

For melodic hardcore trio Eight Days, their new single, ‘Unclear’, is a statement of intent. This band may not know exactly where they are heading yet, but they are making their own luck in life. Today we are bringing you the first look at the video that accompanies ‘Unclear’.

“‘Unclear’ is aimed at everyone (family/friends/colleagues) who have asked us in the past, “What are you doing with your life?”” explains vocalist/guitarist, Ben Brazier. “To some people it may seem like we’re not going anywhere, we don’t have aspiring careers or big jobs/nice cars etc but it’s not about that at all. The lyrics in the song are pretty self-explanatory when you think about that… “Through your eyes I appear to be wasting life”..…”I’ll never fit a 9-5, day in day out will never be living”. We quite simply have an “Unclear” path in front of us but that’s a good thing, we’ve got options about where we want to be in life, “I won’t give up what I’m made of.

“The video was really fun to make, we’ve never made a video without us actually playing in it before but we thought the narrative fits so well with the lyrics and overall meaning to the song. This character is literally stuck in a loop, he doesn’t know where he wants to be in life and he’s constantly faced with choices and consequences. “Bones Productions” did a great job filming and piecing it together.”

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Source: Punktastic – Radar