Aborted Bathos Static Video Streaming

Belgium-based death metal sickos, Aborted, will release their 7” Bathos EP on July 7th. Today you can check out the title track via the static video below.

Bathos is a fine example of what Aborted have managed to achieve by hard work, staying focussed, excellent musicianship and the unwavering belief in what they are doing by offering two prime tracks of relentlessly raging, barbaric and horror-laden insane brutal death metal.

The 7” version of Bathos can be pre-ordered directly at CM Distro here.

Available in the following vinyl colours:

Black vinyl: limited to 700 copies
Transparent-red vinyl: limited to 100 copies, exclusively available at CM Distro
Clear vinyl: limited to 200 copies

Bathos EP tracklisting:

Side A

Side B
“Fallacious Crescendo”


“Fallacious Crescendo”:

Aborted lineup:

Sven De Caluwe: Gurgloroth
Mendel Bij De Leij: Flesh Upon The Razor Wire
Stefano Francescini: Nocturnal Pulse
Ken Bedene: Hymen Blaster
Ian Jelekis: Immaculate Resection

Source: BraveWords – News