Arch Enemy Rare Video of Entire 2002 Belgium Show Featuring

Bootleg footage of Arch Enemy performing in VosselaarBelgium on the Wages Of Sin tour in 2002 with former vocalist/current manager Angela Gossow fronting the band has been posted by Extreme Metal Uploads. Check it out below.


“Enemy Within”
“Heart of Darkness”
“The Immortal”
“Dark Insanity”
“Savage Messiah”
“Lament of a Mortal Soul”
“Behind the Smile”
“Dead Bury Their Dead”
“Snow Bound”
“Shadows and Dust”

Back in January in an interview with the French language Hard Force, Gossow revealed that “when the time comes” she will launch a new extreme metal project.

Angela says she hopes to have time to launch the project in 2018, once things calm down in regards to her managerial duties with Arch Enemy.

Read the complete interview, in French, at

Source: BraveWords – News