Aversions Crown ‘Xenocide’ Album Review

What comes from the Land Down Under? A motherfucker of an album from Aversions Crown! With the release of Xenocide, these Australians prove that they can produce some brilliantly brutal and well-crafted metal.


This album is an assripper from beginning to end. At no point does the listener get the chance to catch a breath before the next song kicks in, sending them pinwheeling through another sonic opus. The production on this record is downright perfecto; vocals, drums, guitars come through in a perfect landscape of Oz riffage. Not to mention, they’ve released a couple of very cool videos to go along with Xenocide, as well.


King Rhino totally suggests you check out Aversions Crown and their new slab of molten metal musica, Xenocide.

Xenocide is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Buy it here!

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