Billy Sheehan on Failed David Lee Roth Band Reunion In 2015

Billy Sheehan has spoken to eonMusic about the original David Lee Roth bands’ failed 2015 reunion. Speaking about the low key event in Los Angeles in 2015, which was scuppered at the last minute following concerns over safety, the bassist revealed that the band had been poised to play two songs – “Shy Boy” and “Yankee Rose”.

When fire marshals pulled the plug, “It broke our hearts”, commented Billy.

However, the band which includes guitarist Steve Vai and drummer Greg Bissonette are “ready to go” according to Sheehan, should the opportunity to reunite arise.

Said Sheehan: “It’s up to Dave, [but] I’m ready, Steve’s ready, Greg’s ready – we’re all ready. So if Dave decides to do it, we’re ready to go.”

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Source: BraveWords – News