Decapitated Swedish Producer Daniel Bergstrand To Teach Online

It’s no secret that Sweden, Poland and Norway have always been hotbeds of heavy metal talent, and the producers behind those countries’ biggest bands have been instrumental (no pun intended) in shaping that talent – ultimately ensuring it stays that way. One of the most notable producers behind this sound, Daniel Bergstrand, is known for his work with artists such as Decapitated, Behemoth, Meshuggah, Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, In Flames, Soilwork,and many others.

One of Daniel Bergstrand’s most recent projects was mixing Decapitated’s massive new album, Anticult. This month, Nail The Mix is pleased to host Bergstrand as guest mixer to analyze his mixing process on one of the album’s biggest tracks, “One Eyed Nation” (listen below).

Daniel Bergstrandwill lead an exclusive live-streaming class offering a complete walkthrough of how he mixed “One Eyed Nation”. Nail The Mix subscribers can download the multi-tracks today, then join Bergstrandfor the livestream on Saturday, September 30th. NTM will also host a Q&A chat with Daniel Bergstrand on Wednesday, September 13th at 12 PM, ET, exclusively available to subscribers. Register for the Q&A here.

Daniel Bergstrand says, “I feel very honored to be a part of Nail The Mix team. Doing stuff like this is new for me. I’ve always thought, ‘who would be interested in what I’ve got to say?’ I’m not an in-the-box kind of guy so most of the mixing will be done on my console and outboard hardware. Decapitated’s “One Eyed Nation” needs a lot of tweaking and can be taken in many different directions. I will try my best to explain how I mixed this song.”

He adds, “Personally, my biggest challenge on this song was the snare, which I worked a lot on, but there are many directions to go and it will be interesting to see if I go the same route the second time around.”

NTM’s Eyal Levi adds, “Daniel Bergstrand has always been an enigma to me. He’s always been that sick metal producer/mixer who I wish I knew more about, but could never find any info on no matter where I looked. He’s been behind so many landmark albums, yet his methods remained a total mystery to me. Here and there I would hear things like, ‘he’s an analog guy that still mixes on a board’ but I could never confirm. As of this month on Nail The Mix that all changes. Myself and the Nail The Mix crew are traveling to Daniel’s studio in Sweden to film him nailing the mix for the latest Decapitated banger, which by the way sounds incredible. This will be the first time he’s ever allowed a peak behind the curtain, and I can tell you already, it’s gonna be good. Oh, and did I mention that he’s mixing a Decapitated song? Only one of my all time extreme metal favorites. Do I sound excited? I am! And so should anybody who’s ever wanted to take their metal mixing to the next level.”

Try your hand at re-mixing “One Eyed Nation”, sign up for Nail The Mix and get access to the session & Daniel Bergstrand’s live-streaming mixing class.

In addition to receiving the raw multi-tracks of “One Eyed Nation”, those who get access to September’s NTM class can take part in a user-judged mix competition with major prizes from Ehrlund, including an EHR-E microphone, as well as a chance to attend the 2017 URM Summit in Orlando, FL with VIP access, hotel stay and more included! Select subscriber mixes will be chosen for airing on Nail The Mix’s sister podcast, URM Podcast, as part of their “MixCritMonday” series.

Source: BraveWords – News