Dirkschneider To Revisit Classic Accept Anthems on New Back

Photo by Andreas Lawen

Udo Dirkschneider has openly expressed a certain reluctance for years when it came to performing anything from the catalog of classic material from his time with German heavy metal band Accept; after all, Accept have released three records with vocalist Mark Tornillo in recent years and have been bustling as a touring force, whereas Udo Dirkschneider has been active with his own band U.D.O. for decades and concentrated on forging their own albums almost exclusively.

That is, until it was revealed that Dirkschneider would be touring throughout 2016 and performing classic Accept songs for the last time, acting as a sort of proper farewell tour to that time of Udo’s career. That “farewell” tour has been extended through early 2018 and a new live album/DVD set, ‘Live – Back To The Roots – Accepted!’, is set for release on August 4 in Europe and August 18 in the USA.

“Originally it was our plan to go back to touring with U.D.O. in 2017,” Udo explained in a message on the Dirkschneider Facebook page. “But we have received an incredible number of emails and letters from fans begging us to continue with Dirkschneider, and as there are still so many (Accept) songs left to be sung, we have decided to bow to your demands!”

Dirkschneider also revealed that the next leg of their ‘Back To The Roots’ tour will include only Accept hits once again but in a completely new setlist. As for the new live effort, the DVD/2CD package shows Dirkschneider tearing through such vintage metal staples from Accept like “Midnight Mover,” “Metal Heart,” “Fast As A Shark” and “Balls To The Wall.”

Dirkschneider, ‘Live – Back To The Roots – Accepted!’ Track Listing

Living For Tonite
Flash Rockin’ Man
London Leatherboys
Midnight Mover
Head Over Heels
Neon Night
Princess Of The Dawn
Winter Dreams
Restless And Wild
Son Of A Bitch
Up To The Limit
Wrong Is Right
Midnight Highway
Screaming For A Love-Bite
T.V. War
Losers And Winners
Metal Heart
I’m A Rebel
Fast As A Shark
Balls To The Wall
My Way (Bonus track, Frank Sinatra cover)

Source: Music Enthusiast Magazine