Eddie Van Halen – Unreleased ‘Strike’ Track From The Wild Life Movie Streaming

Van Halen News Desk has unearthed an unreleased track from the The Wild Life movie score, which guitarist Eddie Van Halen wrote for Universal Pictures in 1984.

“Here’s what we call “Strike”, a short but sweet guitar track from the 1984 movie The Wild Life. This has never been heard in full until now. (This track was only played for a few seconds, as someone in the movie bowls a strike at a bowling alley).

“Our guess is that this piece might be one of the first recordings that Ed and Donn Landee had ever made with the Steinberger guitar. The trans trem bridge on a Steinberger has a very distinct tonality/sound.”

Read more at Van Halen News Desk, and listen to “Strike” below:

Source: BraveWords – News