Exodus To Record Album In The Fall – ‘We’ll Be Ready To Record By October Or November’

In a new interview with Metal Wani, Exodus singer Steve ‘Zetro” Souza has revealed the band will begin recording a new album in the fall with release scheduled for spring 2018.

Says Souza: “You’ve gotta remember: Who do we have at the helm writing the songs? You’ve gotta stop and think there’s a reason why he plays in Exodus and Slayer. There’s a reason why that happens. Gary Holt is not gonna put any subpar shit out there, and he never has, so why would we start now?”

“Actually, I’ve already heard rough stuff that’s come up, because we’re probably scheduled to be in the studio in late October, (early) November for a March (release). I think that’s what it looks like on the eraser board, but then that could always change again with the things going on. But the ship is pretty steady at we’ll be ready to record by October or November.

“We played 288 on Blood In Blood Out, so we know it’s time to put out a new record, which is our focus right now; that’s basically what has been the band focus over the past few months. One of us got married last month — Tom (Hunting), our drummer, got married — and then Gary had been home working off Slayer since mid-October. I think he’s in South America with Slayer right now, and he’s writing stuff.”

Source: BraveWords – News