Faceless Just Released A Proggy Super Heavy New

2017 is turning out to be an interesting year for The Faceless. The band is still reeling in terms of publicity from its Australia and UK tour debacles, yet they’re being trusted to appear at all the Summer Slaughter 2017 dates.

Now in yet another twist, The Faceless has released a new song called “Black Star” in preparation for Summer Slaughter. Say what you will about the reliability of the band as of late, but the music is still fucking incredible. This is basically a heavy, extremely well-written version of what The Faceless was doing with 2012’s Autotheist, and it’s great.

Here’s hoping we get the band’s new album In Becoming A Ghost this year – if it’s even still called that. Also, we’re left wondering if “The Spiraling Void” will also be on the album, given it featured Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist on vocals, and not Abigail Williams‘s Ken Sorceron.

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Source: Metal Injection