Gary Cherone Wishes He Toured with Van Halen

The third VAN HALEN frontman, Gary Cherone, who took over when Sammy Hagar left the group (or was fired, depending on whom you ask) in 1996, spoke to The Washington Times about his brief tenure in the band. Asked how it happened that he ended up lead singer of VAN HALEN, Cherone said: “I don’t know if it was the stars aligned or I was at the right place at the right time. Our manager was also managing VAN HALEN. I got a tryout. I flew to L.A. thinking to myself, ‘I’m gonna spend the weekend singing VAN HALEN songs with the band. Then coming back home to Boston with a great VAN HALEN story to tell.’ That’s how I approached it. I remember on the flight, Nuno [Bettencourt, EXTREME guitarist] saying, ‘Why not you? Go for it.’ I didn’t have any expectations. By the second day, me and Eddie [Van Halen] hit it off and wrote ‘Without You’, the first track on the record (‘Van Halen 3’). I was then asked to join the band.”

Source: BlabberMouth