Gerard Way To Release Two New Songs – !

Gerard Way will be releasing two new songs for Record Store Day on April 22!

The musician’s new release is titled Into The Cave We Wander, and will come as a 12? picture disc, along with a comic book and poster from DC Comics. Amazing!

Earlier in the year, Gerard stated: “I am always writing music, I am very lucky that way – there is always an idea and something that inspires me, even if it takes me a minute to figure out what I want to say, which is what really creates the space between releases.”

As well as Gerard Way, this year’s Record Store Day will feature releases from All Time Low, BABYMETAL, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Against Me!, Thrice and Coheed And Cambria.

Check out the full list here.

Don’t forget to find out these 11 Things You Didn’t Know About My Chemical Romance:

11 Things You Didn’t know about My Chemical Romance

Even having looked through every single song MCR have recorded, there’s still stuff we’ve got to tell you about the Jersey degenerates. And with a band as epic and huge as My Chemical Romance, there’s still bound to be loads more to learn. Like this stuff…

11. Gerard Way recorded a song in his undies

How did Gerard get the right vibe when he was doing his vocals for You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison? He could’ve gone to prison, or gone and done stuff to guys like himself in a prison, but time is money in the studio, and it’s surprisingly difficult to get into a prison (especially if you want to get out again in time to meet your record deadline). So instead, he stripped down to his Y-fronts and belted this out. Clutch, you do not need to follow suit.

10. They recorded real pain

Of the very worst kind as well: toothache. While recording his vocals for I Brought You My Bullets…, Gerard Way was suffering from an abscess in one of his teeth. Which is like trying to be a weightlifter with an arrow sticking out of your arm. Brush, kids, brush.

9. Gerard Way is allergic to cats

Apparently so. And we’ve just made up a story that The Black Parade was gonna be called The Cat Parade until a red-eyed, sneezing Gerard pulled the plug on the whole thing, but that would just be silly.

8. They’ve got Black Flag’s approval

The next time someone looks down their nose and tries to give you some pish about My Chem not having any punk cred, point them in Keith Morris’ direction. Black Flag’s be-dreaded, one-time frontman did backing vocals on Hang ‘Em High. Stick that in your bondage trousers and smoke it, losers.

7. The Black Parade almost wasn’t called that

Gerard once said The Black Parade was going to be called The Rise And Fall Of My Chemical Romance, in tribute to David Bowie’s The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. Turns out the sly bugger was having us on. “It was never the title of the album, more a spoof, or joke,” he revealed. A very funny joke, we thought, as we threw out our My Chemical Stardust costumes and waited for them to release the album.

6. Their name’s British

It was during Mikey Way’s time as a sales assistant in Barnes & Nobel that he hit upon the idea of what his brother’s new band could be called. He’d discovered a book by Scottish author Irvine Welsh entitled The Acid House: Three Tales Of Chemical Romance. Presumably the idea of calling the band Filth, Porno or Trainspotting didn’t appeal much to Gerard.

5. They toured with Christian bands

Out of necessity, you understand. “Basically, [emo has] never been accurate to describe us,” Gerard once said. “Emo bands were being booked while we were touring with Christian metal bands because no one would book us on tours.” Sadly, not one of those Christian metal bands were Stryper.

4. Why Ray Toro got the gig…

Bloke’s a bloody genius, Ray Toro is. A taskmaster who by his own admission works his bandmates hard, but it’s a small price to pay to have such a creative, brilliant guitarist in your ranks. And he got the guitarist spot in the band after Gerard Way discovered he couldn’t play guitar and sing at the same time. Which was very lucky, don’t you think?

3. They were going from the get go

Three months after My Chem formed, they were in a studio recording their first album, 2002’s I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. Twelve weeks to get the band up and running, get all them songs together, get them set, and get signed and sorted for a record. Industrious lads, them Chems.

2. Their videos are as good as Nirvana’s

Let us explain that before you lynch us. They are of the same caliber as Nirvana’s. And Green Day’s for that matter. The link? Sam Beyer who directed Famous Last Words also controlled the camera for the Smells Like Teen Spirit and American Idiot videos. Not bad company to be in, all told.

1. They didn’t like Twilight much

At one time, My Chem and Twilight would have gone together like fangs and a lily-white neck. But times change, and by the time the makers of the Twilight movies had come knocking seeking the band for the soundtrack, they’d already upped and left the vampire party. “There’s a lot of people chasing that fucking money,” said Gerard Way. “‘Twilight?’ A lot of people around us were like, ‘please, for the love of God, do this fucking movie.’ But we’d moved on.” And written a song called Vampire Money just to twist the knife.

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