Gory Blister – Live Video From Italy Show Posted

Gory Blister filmed their recent concert at Centrale Rock Pub in Erba, Italy as DVD extra content, to be included on the band’s forthcoming album. The songs “Thresholds” and “Toxamine”, taken from the band’s 2014 album The Fifth Fury, are posted below with real audio (no overdubs or editing).

Says guitarist Raff Sangiorgio: “For us, to play live, it’s a very important dimension.
Making a live video with real audio, without any kind of post-production, means to prove to those who do not know us or never watched us live, how the band genuinely performs, without any engineering, just like on our albums, from the studio to the stage”

After the great audience approval and sales achieved by The Fifth Fury, Gory Blister’s fifth album released in 2014 via Sliptrick Records, the band has started work begun on a new album, which will be released by the end of 2017.

The sound of this new album (yet untitled) will be deeply rooted in the main influences of the band, including Death, Carcass, Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, but it is going to evolve forward focusing on some melodies and atmospheres from the most modern metal sound, without distorting the band’s style and personality.

Recently, Gory Blister welcomed bassist Fabiano Andreacchio to the fold. Along with working on new material, Gory Blister are preparing to hit the stage again with two new live gigs in Italy, scheduled for the beginning of 2017.

20 – Legend Club – Milan, Italy

A show is also planned for March at Il Postaccio in Rome. Details to follow.

Rebirth is the first solo-album ever by Gory Blister guitarist Raff Sangiorgio, out now Sliptrick Records. He peforms the title track in a new video below:

In a previous video, Sangiorgio performs the album track “Magic River” in the new video streaming below:

In another clip, Sangiorgio performs the album track “Quick Trigger”:

It is a one-man studio project, focusing on instrumental metal-rock songs with blues influences, in which Raff Sangiorgio wrote, produced, arranged and performed every single instrument, with particular focus, on the guitar work. This new album consists of nine original songs.

“Back To Glory”:

“Quick Trigger”:

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