Hell Knocks Again I Wanna Die Return with Good

I WANNA DIE have returned after having previously already introduced us to their ruinous and bastard strain of sadistic punk. What has changed since the last time we saw the band enter a studio to record? Not much, the horror is still there, the violence has not subsided, and the nightmares are still real as fuck, and this new release of theirs makes that abundantly clear. As always wound up in a spiraling ordeal of total hardcore punk terror, I WANNA DIE have once again brought together Black Flag, Crucifix, Siege, Void, Minor Threat, Disrupt, and Wasted Youth to materialize total fucking human collapse in sonic form.

Unbelievably fast, mindlessly violent, ridiculously unrestrained, and fucking insanely lawless, I WANNA DIE’s music once again stands as one of the most repulsive, deranged and tormented forms of punk ever to be seen around the Bay Area, and this livid musical intent of theirs comes once again augmented and spun out of control by a raw as fuck production, blown out sound and an overall attitude to making music that comes packed with complete fucking disgust. Eight more songs, averaging thirty seconds in length each, in which every notion of decency is obliterated. Get your hatred fix today courtesy of I WANNA DIE.

Source: CVLT Nation