Henry Kane – Den Fo Rsto Rda Manniskans Rike

This is a powerhouse of crusty, death-metal-infused grindcore from Henry Kane, who definitely have a bad moniker working against them but just might with this release have the hugest-sounding grind album since Nasum’s Human 2.0 came along and shocked us all with its production perfection. Henry Kane take Nasum’s ferocious grind but add in a ton of Swedish death metal heft and melody, arriving at an incredibly satisfying middle ground that few bands ever really pull off (or, really, even attempt).

Check out, for example, “Skuld Och Begär”: rarely has Swedish death sounded this crusted-over, and rarely has grindcore sounded this melodic and massive. “Är Din Botten Nådd” brings a fun near-NYHC-but-kinda-power-violence vocal flair to things, “Det Var Inte Ditt Fel” approaches sludge with its slow-moving doom/death, and “En Längtan”’s got a bit of breathing room in what threatens to be a big groove; it all helps to round out what is already a fully killer album, one that every grindcore and death metal fan would be wise to invest in, Henry Kane here tapping into a vibe not often felt since the glory days of Relapse label sampler compilations.

Source: BraveWords – Reviews