Kill The Precedent – Some Version of The Truth

I’m digging this lethal combination of scorching rock and pulsating electro-thrash, decorated with a raucous punk rock attitude from Sacramento’s Kill The Precedent. With hints of American Head Charge, Electric Eel Shock, Mower and Ministry, Kill The Precedent creates some catchy and intriguing tunes on its seven-track EP, Some Version Of The Truth. Usually pissed off about something, KTP delivers a convincing slab of raging angst.

Opener “Two Way Mirrors” immediately explodes out of the gate with hard-charging hardcore/jazz-rock riffs similar to Mower with a touch of The Misfits. The Mushroomhead-esque pulsating synth melodies of “Lesser of Two Evils” goes a bit too long while the menacing “Down North” is an erratic display of various buzzes and stuttered effects with some swirling melodic guitar melodies. The disturbing “Watch What You Think” begins with a sampled spoken word similar to an emphysema patient talking through a neck buzzer talker thingy, accompanied by a hardcore, militaristic marching Ministry rhythmic thrust. “Irrational Anthem” says it all; as the longest track on the EP at 4:42, it serves as an anthemic punch in the air with Oi punk undertones decorated with shouted gang-chanted vocals in an English soccer hooligan kind of way. Some Version Of The Truth is a 24-minute dangerous blend of various musical styles that’ll go perfectly with that first cup of coffee at 6 a.m.

Source: BraveWords – Reviews