Kyoko Baertsoen Ex-hooverphonic, Lunascape Debuts with Solo Album ‘Kyoko’ – Listen To The Album Preview – Music

Belgian singer Kyoko Baertsoen, who you will know from her work with Hooverphonic and as Kunascape will release her solo debut on March 8th, on International Women’s Day, simply titled “Kyoko”.

“Kyoko” counts 10 new songs which bring us back to her triphop-roots. The first single to be released from the album is “Wildest Rain”. The material for the album was written by the producer/songwriter Jan De Block. The album was completed together with guitarist Jo Mahieu; bassists Jan Detremerie and Vincent Pierins; songwriters Jim Colman (Jim Cole), Bert Wuyts, Patrick Hamilton and Kevin Strauwen; Uwe Teichert (mastering) and producer/musician Ronald Vanhuffel.

We have been listening to the album already and can only recommend it warmly.

Below is a video trailer:

Source: Sideline