Let Black Sails for Red Seas Float Your Boat with “Palisades”

Happy Pi Day, nerds! If you’re looking for some top shelf circumnavigation music, get in here for a listen of a new song by Montreal post-metal powerhouses Black Sails for Red Seas (charmingly/irritatingly abbreviated BSIVRS). Their first release dropped two years ago in the form of the Wave I EP, and this year (April 7) will see the release of Wave II, when the sidekick takes a more prominent role and pulls our hero back from the brink of self-destruction just in time to turn the archvillain’s plans against him/her.

Or not. The band make instrumental just as transcendent and crushing as it should be. Today we get a glimpse at the video for “Palisades” from the new EP. Of the video, the band;s label, Deathbound Records, has this to say:

“The video was assembled from footage taken during the recording sessions for the Wave II EP. It showcases the band in their favourite environment to create and work in: Pavillon Noir Studios in Montreal. Using guerilla style filming coupled with super imposed black and white imagery; they keep things nebulous, only allowing the viewer to get a slight glimpse of their inner workings. These reclusive musicians choose to remain as anonymous as possible while letting the music do all the communicating.

With its call to arms feel, “Palisades” encapsulates the listener with its haunting melancholy. The military-inspired breakdown launches the track into a serene convulsion of incendiary melodies with a burst of never ending white light. Like electric church serving to remind music fans that post rock can still dangerous, combining both grandiosity with neck splitting riffs, finesse with raw emotion.”

Single “Palisades” will be available through digital media outlets (iTunes, Spotify, etc) this Friday, March 17. Wave II will be available in its entirety on April 7.

Source: Decibel Magazine