Metal Church ex Wasp Drummer Stet Howland Starts Chemotherapy

Metal Church drummer Stet Howland has begun chemotherapy treatments, having recently been diagnosed with Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

Metal Church have issued the following via Facebook: “The first chemotherapy treatment wiped him out, although he is feeling better then before the diagnosis and treatment, he is still pretty weak. At this time, he is expected to have chemotherapy 4 or 5 more times over the course of the next 12 weeks or so. Each treatment will consist of Stet checking into the hospital as an inpatient and running continuously on chemo (16 hour drips, one right after the other) for just under five full days. On his days “off” he will continue to go in for blood testing, and will receive blood transfusions every couple of days.

The doctors, nurses and staff have been and are amazing! They are closely monitoring Stet and he has complete confidence in their course of treatment. Stet and his family have tons of amazing friends, family and fans to thank for all the help and support and all the well wishes and prayers!

Please keep all the good vibes coming, as Stet has a very long road ahead of him, but he is a fighter and intends to kick Cancer right in the ass!! On behalf of Stet, his family and his Metal Church brothers, thanks to everyone for all the support and good wishes you’ve expressed to him here!!”

In a new interview with Duke TV, Stet Howland reveals that he would be open to rejoining his former band W.A.S.P. if the opportunity came up.

Says Stet: “I’m very happy where I am, you know. I somehow landed in Metal Church and I just love it. But I mean, if (former W.A.S.P. guitarist) Chris (Holmes) did W.A.S.P. and it came up and I got a phone call, I might do the handful of dates that the world would probably be interested in. There might be a reconciliation, like Dokken did in Japan, if someone had enough money or something. And I may or may not be included in it, you know, but Chris should be. I think he was a big part of W.A.S.P. His image and the movie Max Max are where the whole damn thing came from, really.”

Watch the full interview below:

Source: BraveWords – News