Metal Mike Chlasciak Schedules New Jersey Solo Show Reunites

Guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, ex-Testament, ex-Sebastian Bach) has announced a special one-off show at New Jersey’s Dingbats Club on November 18th.

A Celebration Of Heavy Metal Guitar night will feature Metal Mike’s straight to the heart solo material, as well as metal’s loved gems and songs fans know from various artists Metal Mike has worked with. The night does not stop there however, and will feature a very special mini-set by PainmuseuM. This marks the first time PainmuseuM will perform since 2006.

Joining Mike at Dingbatz are extraordinary metal musicians, namely bassist Mike LePond (Symphony X, Ross The Boss) and drummer Ron Lipnicki (Overkill). Tim Clayborne (PainmuseuM) reclaims the mic for the set from PainmuseuM while special guest vocalists will join the band throughout the night.

Metal Mike comments: “I’m very much looking forward to putting the flying Vs and Marshalls into their sentinel metal duty. I have been extremely lucky to hook up with Mike LePond and Ron Lipnicki. Now, I love music, but when I get a chance to perform it with sick players like Mike and Ron, it brings it up to a whole another level. Once I realized how awesome this unit is, I thought about asking Tim from PainmuseuM if he’s interested in flying the PainmuseuM flag for the die-hards. PainmuseuM’s Metal For Life album stood the test of time, I’d like to believe. I know there are fans who would love to hear the songs played live, again. Well, here we are as we gear up for a night filled with great heavy metal and plenty of flying V guitars. I’m looking forward to announcing a few surprises along the way as well. Let’s raise the metal flag up high at our only NJ show. Let us together celebrate heavy metal, loud guitar and songs that mean a lot to us all. I hope to see you there. Horns Up!”

Says Mike LePond: “I am so excited to be sharing the stage with my metal brothers, Mike and Ron. They are true icons and together the three of us are going to blow the roof off of Dingbatz!”

Ron Lipnicki added: “Looking forward to tearing it up with my metal brothers, going to be a great night of heavy music! I can’t wait!”

Asked about the return of PainmuseuM for this very special show, vocalist Tim Clayborne added: “I am really stoked to see all the people at New Jersey’s Dingbatz for a long overdue PainmuseuM set!”

Source: BraveWords – News