Metallica Play ‘One’ with Lang Lang In Beijing

Metallica are lighting up the globe on their ‘WorldWired’ tour in support of 2016’s highest-selling hard rock / metal record, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct. With a slew of dates booked in Asia, the Bay Area thrash legends took the stage in Beijing, China on Jan. 18, treating their fans to a unique performance of “One” with renowned Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang.

The footage, which is currently split across two separate videos (one at the top, one below), shows Metallica’s dazzling light show with fanned lasers as they run through the moody …And Justice for All track. Though it can be difficult to detect at times, Lang Lang’s playing adds an extra layer of atmosphere to the song early on.

This rendition gets truly compelling as the song moves on, as heard in the video below. The music drops out as Lang Lang’s fingers glide over the keys, building tension with fluttering moments of chaos. With some lightning repetition at the tail of his spotlight, Lars Ulrich‘s kick drum signals the rest of the band to return with heavy distortion as Lang Lang slides his hands over the piano in one sweeping movement.

This isn’t the first time Metallica and Lang Lang have shared the stage. The two performed “One” together at the 56th Grammy Awards and Metallica are set to return, sans Lang Lang, at this year’s Grammys, which airs Sunday, Feb. 12. “We have something very unique and special planned for this celebratory night, so tune in to watch on CBS-TV… check those local listings for your time zone and keep watching here for more information,” the band said.

Metallica Performing “One” With Lang Lang

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Source: Loud Wire