Most Important Shoegaze Release of 2017 Streaming Ambersmoke ‘Lay My Bones Beneath The Valley Oak’

Lay My Bones Beneath the Valley Oak by AMBERSMOKE is one of most important shoegaze releases of 2017. Only limited to 50 cassettes, this tape is a must-have for any fan of good music. Lay My Bones Beneath the Valley Oak is a sonic voyage, and AMBERSMOKE is band that I want the world to know about. They are creating audio art that feeds the soul and expands the mind. I haven’t heard them make something I don’t like, and on this collection of songs they have gone to places that I want to live in forever. They can be called shoegaze, but in reality they are far more than just that – they are pure sound that is a beckoning my eternal happiness. Whenever we play Lay My Bones Beneath the Valley Oak for our kids, they compulsively create art because this music takes their young minds to a place where they feel free. I guess that’s it – I, too, feel free when I listen to AMBERSMOKE. Make sure to buy a tape from Levertraan, if they have’t sold out already!

Source: CVLT Nation