New Roses One More for The Road Track By Track 3 Video

Wiesbaden, Germany-based 4-piece, The New Roses, have released a third track-by-track video in support of their new album, One More For The Road, out now via Napalm Records. Watch three clips below.

One More For The Road is now available for pre-order here.

One More For The Road tracklisting:

“Quarter To Twelve”
“My Own Worst Enemy”
“Forever Never Comes”
“Dancing On A Razor Blade”
“Consider Me Gone”
“Life Ain’t Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair)”
“Every Wild Heart”
“Fight You Leaving Me”
“The Same Moon”
“Piece By Peace Of Mind”
“One More For The Road”
“Do I Look Scared To You (Bonus Track)
“The Storm” (Bonus Track)”
“Nitro Nights” (Bonus Track)

Track-by-track #1:

Track-by-track #2:

Track-by-track #3:

“Dancing On A Razor Blade”:

“Life Ain’t Easy (For A Boy With A Long Hair)” video:

“Every Wild Heart” video:

Delivering phenomenal hearty hymns, with One More For The Road, The New Roses again share the feeling of stepping into endless freedom and the album surely marks the band’s catchiest, emotional and heaviest record to date.

Says the band: “One More For The Road is 100% New Roses, straight in your face rock’n’roll, no compromises, based on the experiences of the countless shows we played over the last year, dedicated to our great live audience. We can’t wait to play it live on our upcoming tour, because these songs were written for a hot stage, a loud crowd and a kick ass rock’n’roll band!”

Find the band’s tour schedule here

Source: BraveWords – News