New Sum 41 Video, Goddamn I’m Dead Again – !

Sum 41 have gone back to the skate park, well a new one, in their new video.

Goddamn I’m Dead Again is the latest track to be taken from their comeback album, 13 Voices, which is out now through Hopeless Records. Follow the link to download the new album.

The band got a bunch of fans together, took them to a skate park and this is what happened…

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Deryck Whibley’s Standout Sum 41 Videos

The Kerrang! Tour 2016 headliners have made some of the most iconic clips in rock music, from trashing a skate park to making their own dolls. While we patiently for a new album from the pop-punk heroes, Deryck Whibley talks us through Sum 41’s most extraordinary on-screen moments…

3. Walking Disaster

“This video sounded very strange on paper when I read it for the first time. It was about a robot leaving the toy store to go off on his own and ends up losing his way a little bit on the streets of LA. It could have gone very bad but the Director was great and I think it was a unique way to get a cross the message and theme of the song. Our performance part was fun. The plan was to trash the toy store, and they were fine with it as long as we didn’t fuck with the Indian statue – it was really expensive. So, of course I had to break it! You can’t tell me not to break something and think that I’m just not going to break it. So I broke it and of course we don’t end up using the shot!”

2. The Hell Song

“Coming up with video ideas back then was fun because they were competitive, so you always wanted to stand out. We were always thinking of doing something that people wouldn’t be expecting, which is why we decided not to be in the video ourselves, but just play with dolls of us, playing a rock show for other celebrity dolls. It was a really stupid and fun idea and even got nominated for an MTV Award!”

1. Fat Lip

“We decided to shoot our video in Pomona, California – it was the only place that we had a real fanbase at the time. We had played the concert venue The Glass House there enough times that we knew we could get kids to show up, so basically we invited our fans to come to a location in the city. We would film them doing stupid shit and then we’d play Fat Lip over and over in the skate park and a parking lot of liquor store. That was basically it. Everything that happened in that video was spontaneous and just thought of on the spot, there was no real direction for it.”

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